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Pastor Who Calls for Death Penalty for Gays Calls Pride Month an “Abomination”

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KERA. “This is not about hate,” resident Gina Woodlee said during her allotted time. “This is about the LGBTQ community taking away our freedom to not have this proclaimed over our city.”Among those speaking against a proclamation was Shelley, who claims he does business in Arlington and has church members that live in the city.“I am horrified and ashamed that this city has decided to promote and solicit ‘Pride’ in this city.

Pride is nothing to be celebrated. In fact, it’s an abomination,” Shelley told the council in his remarks, which were captured in a video clip, which was then posted to Twitter by blogger and activist Hemant Mehta. “…According to God, we should hate pride, not celebrate it.“I don’t understand why we’d celebrate what used to be a crime not long ago,” he said, adding that to the Texas anti-sodomy statute that is still technically on the books but has become unenforceable following the Supreme Court’s 2003 decision in Lawrence v.

Texas, which determined that consenting adults had the right to engage in same-sex conduct in private. He then proceeded to cite Biblical passages that condemn homosexuality, which he called “filthy.”“According to the CDC, homosexual men are 230 times more likely to get HIV than straight men.

I don’t know why we’d promote disease and AIDS in court community,” Shelley added, before going on to claim that LGBTQ people are child molesters. “They say that they love so much, but they hate children.

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