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Boston Red Sox call up homophobic pitcher days before their Pride Night, & now they’re getting crushed

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via MassLive.Though the tweet is now deleted, screenshots remain online. Dermody defended himself in a subsequent reply, tweeting that he’s “not a homophobic [sic].”Could’ve fooled us!When asked about this debacle, Red Sox chief baseball officer Chaim Bloom said the veteran journeyman didn’t think he was offending anybody when he said that gay people aren’t going to heaven.Huh?“It’s important to us that he had taken the tweet down and important why he had done it,” he said. “I talked to him personally about that and what he told me was that it really came down to two things.

One, he didn’t realize that his words would be hurtful and he didn’t want to hurt anybody and when he realized that they were, he took (the post) down.”Happy Pride Month from the @RedSox this guy out of my face.Cut him.

Get him off the team.Player: Has a history of homophobiaRed Sox: Let’s sign him and give him his first Major League start during Pride Month!The Red Sox were aware of this and still gave him a major league start during Pride Month is just….yikes the Red Sox typically perform background checks when new players join the organization, they say they were unaware of Dermody’s anti-LGBTQ+ sentiments, because he deleted the tweets in question.

But a quick perusal through Dermody’s Twitter “likes” shows he has a penchant for amplifying hateful and conspiratorial content.

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