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Through Line of Critical Race, 'Don’t Say Gay,' & Great Replacement

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began to label their opponents, who supported LGBTQ+ youth and trans kids getting proper medical care, as pedophiles and groomers.For God’s sake, keep the gays or even straight sympathizers who have a modicum of empathy for queer and trans kids away from your kids since they are a threat to their safety.I really didn’t think that things could get any lower than accusing someone of being a child molester, but silly me for being so naïve.

Now Republicans, including New York Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, she of the looney tunes House leadership, have been exposed as purveyors of the great “replacement” theory.The Buffalo shooting happened, and it’s like the lid blew off and suddenly the great “replacement” theory replaced “don’t say gay” as the cause du jour of the extreme right.

In the rambling manifesto that the shooter shared, he had this to say, according to Slate:“I simply became racist after I learned the truth,” [the gunman] wrote.

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