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TikTok Phenom Josh Helfgott Energizes a Queer Army for Election Day

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The need for escapism initially inspired Josh Helfgott to create content. Like many of us, he downloaded TikTok at the start of the pandemic.

He started by making informative, research-based videos on LGBTQ+ history. As his following quickly grew, he evolved to a more journalistic style of reporting on contemporary political issues impacting the gay community, as he opens each video with his now famous intro, “Gay News.” Today he has over 5.1 million followers on TikTok, and he’s recently been nominated by PinkNews as Influencer of the Year.

In a recent video where he announced his nomination Helfgott said, “Two years ago, I posted my first ‘Gay News,’ and since then, we’ve gone through some of the darkest times together and some of the best.”Helfgott was referring to a previous video he made after Arkansas announced a ban on health care for trans youth back in early 2021.

The creator also called back to some of the positive videos he’s made over the years that showcase LGBTQ+ representation in film and TV and the passing of progressive policies in the U.S.

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