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Wait, do we really need to be watching Netflix’s ‘365 Days’ movies? Because—whew—this gay scene!

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365 Days trilogy, well, think of them as the streaming era’s answer to the Emmanuelle In Space series, or one of those other softcore erotic movies you’d sneak peeks at late at night, remote firmly in hand in case you hear your parents approaching.And by that we mean, these are definitely not movies anyone’s watching for the plot.Still, since 365 Days premiered in 2020, these films have been wildly popular on the streaming platform, and garnered more than a few headlines for their racy, controversial sex scenes.

At best, the trilogy is titillating ephemera, the kind you might imagine a Midwestern mom watching home alone and night and saying “Oh my!” to no one in particular every few minutes.

At worst, they’re problematic glorification of sexual violence and grooming. The movies have been called the “Polish 50 Shades Of Grey” for a reason.Related: 10 NC-17 films with full frontal male nudity and where to stream themThe story, as much as it matters, concerns a working-class Polish woman named Laura (Anna-Maria Sieklucka) who is kidnapped by a member of a Sicilian mafia family (Michele Morrone), and then imprisoned for—you guessed it—365 days, during which time she is told she will fall in love with her assailant.

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