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Watch: Michigan Democrat Blasts GOP for Refusing LGBTQ Pride Proclamation – ‘I Will Tell You What the Gay Agenda Is’

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Detroit Free Press reports.Leader Shirkey is facing a lot more problems than Senator Moss. Last week two nonprofits tied to Shirkey were accused “of improperly raising millions of dollars for Unlock Michigan,” MLive reported, “to limit the executive branch’s powers during health emergencies.”But in the LGBTQ Pride Month resolution, Shirkey wanted “language saying not all Michiganders support the LGBTQ ‘lifestyle’ but that all people are ‘created in God’s image,'” despite it being the exact same one that was approved last year.“I thought we were over this,” Moss said on the Senate floor Tuesday (video below). “But this month, the Senate majority has sent the LGBTQ Pride Month resolution to committee just so that they can not adopt it.”“It is a nonbinding resolution,” Moss says in his speech. “It requires nothing of you.

doesn’t change any law – although we should – and it doesn’t cost you anything. When it was finally adopted last year, no one’s marriage dissolved because of it.

No business shuttered. No church lost its religious freedom. But this year, curiously, this year, the Republican leadership regresses and again, throws pride month back into the trash heap.”“I guess the cruelty is the point,” Moss added, noting that Republicans are “in the majority now and have not solved any of our problems.”“Their agenda is to make you fear the gay agenda, but I am not the cause of your problems.

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