4 Amazing Dating Options for Lesbians

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Sometimes, it can be very difficult to find a lesbian girlfriend you’ll be able to connect with. Despite there being more options than ever when it comes to LGBTQ+ dating, it still comes down to meeting that one person you “click” with.

That’s why you should explore different ways of meeting new people to find the best lesbian dating option which works for you personally. Here are some of the best options you should explore right now, so give each one a shot and think about how comfortable you are with them before settling for the right one.

1. ELLA Festival

The ELLA Festival is a global initiative organized by ELLA Hansen Travel GmbH, promoting visibility, empowerment, and solidarity for lesbians and nonbinary people worldwide. The festival takes place in various places around the world each year and features a plethora of social activities and events which are meant to be fun, inclusive, and engaging for everyone visiting the ELLA Festival.

In 2022, the festival is poised to take place in Mexico, Colombia, and Mallorca (2023), inviting women, queer, and people who identify with ELLA and its mission to visit them. Visiting an international festival such as this one is a great way for you not only to meet a significant other but to simply have some fun while traveling someplace new and exciting.

2. Taimi

By creating your account on a safe and reliable online dating platform, you’ll expand your lesbian dating options significantly. There are amazing girls around the globe who are looking for people like yourself and want to meet them. So, why not try out Taimi? Taimi is an LGBTQ+ dating app created with the mission to enable everyone in the community to find their significant other.

The dating app features a wide range of social features commonly found on traditional social media platforms but with its unique spin. Check out Taimi for lesbians right now and create your account to find out what the app can do for you. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you discover how Taimi does its best to provide you with a friendly, welcoming environment to start dating girls based on your profile and expectations.

3. Sappho Women Festival

The Sappho Women festival is based in the village of Skala Eressos, on the island of Lesvos in Greece. This beach village serves as the backdrop of the festival which aims to celebrate what it means to be a lesbian. The village itself features an amazing sandy beach, local taverns, cafes, and other Greek attractions which will make for a great summer getaway for you.

So, what’s the festival all about? It promotes solidarity and independence for women in general but is geared toward lesbians who are free to choose who they are without society telling them otherwise. There is a wide range of amazing events happening in Skala Eressos during the Sappho Women festival, allowing you to meet like-minded girls and perhaps even meet your soulmate if you’re lucky enough.

4. Hinge

Hinge is a somewhat unique dating app because it doesn’t rely on matching algorithms as most apps do. Instead, it matches you only based on your friend list and who you interact with through Hinge. The app markets itself as a “dating app designed to be deleted”, meaning that it promotes meaningful relationships instead of quick hookups.

Hinge’s mission statement is to be authentic and to promote courage, as well as empathy among its members. The app is a great way for you to meet potential lesbian partners who are also looking for long-term relationships just like you are. Hinge’s approach to dating is one-of-a-kind, so it may work well in your favor if other options don’t pan out.

Exploring your Lesbian Dating Options

Whether you’re a beginner in dating or have experience meeting new people, these options are great places to start looking for your significant other! Try to remember that you’re not the only girl looking for a match out there. There are amazing girls all around the world who are often just as anxious about starting to date other girls, either in person or through a reliable dating app.

The most important thing you should do however is to simply be yourself and the right girl will recognize you for who you are and give you the go-ahead you need to start chatting. Let your feelings do their thing and you’ll be in the arms of your soulmate before you know it.

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