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A “straight” guy caught feelings for his new gym bro & was shocked by his response

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An unnamed 22-year-old male Reddit user recently shared how his friendship with a new gym buddy led him to develop a crush on the guy and realize that he himself was bi.

His tale has a dark twist but an ending that’ll melt your heart.“This all started a few months ago,” a Reddit user named lilstupidwhore, wrote in a now-viral thread. “I noticed this guy at my gym and I knew something was immediately off.

I was like nervous to even look at him, but I decided to get rid of that nervousness and just talk to him. He was actually really nice and funny and we quickly became buddies.”The two began regularly working out together and they quickly became best friends. “I love his personality, he makes me laugh nonstop, and [not gonna lie] he’s mad thick,” the Reddit user wrote.Then, about two weeks later, the Reddit poster’s girlfriend broke up with him.

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