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LGBTQ Meaning: What The Different Flags Represent

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Pride Month, where millions of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual and queer people will gather at parties and parades to celebrate LGBTQ rights and the transformational impact these communities have made.From London to New York, the celebrations are held the world over.The main symbol of Pride is a rainbow flag, with the vibrant colors reflecting the movement's diversity and denoting the sheer spectrum of gender and sexuality.Read on to learn more about the month-long celebration, and the different aspects of the LGBTQ+ community.Acronym LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender, while increasingly, a Q is included for Queer and/or Questioning.An "A" for Asexual, an "I" for Intersex and/or a "2" for Two-Spirit is also sometimes included in the acronym.A lesbian is defined as a woman who is mainly romantically, emotionally and physically attracted to other women.A gay person is usually denoted as a man who is exclusively attracted to other men, although this term is occasionally used to refer to lesbians.Bisexuality refers to a person who is drawn to members of both people born male and female.Transgender broadly denotes anyone who does not identify with his or her assigned gender, and as an identity, the term refers those who transgress either the traditional sex and gender characteristics or expectations.Dr.

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