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Trans Rocker Lenny Zenith Debuts Single Supporting Transgender Youth

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Lenny Zenith, his new release is something personal.The autobiographical single “Where is Safe?” focuses on Zenith’s own experience as a trans teen.

He’s created a song that trans teens may be able to relate to in ways they never could in other music.It’s also a direct result of the anti-gender-affirming laws that have begun to crop up in several states.

These laws are looking to criminalize affirming care or at least prohibit medical providers from prescribing it.“Had my parents not gotten me gender-affirming care when I was a teen transitioning in New Orleans a long time ago, I’d be dead,” Zenith said in a release.The song, he said, came about after a nightmare.“I dreamt I was a kid desperately trying to find a state where my family and I could feel safe–and there were none left, except California,” Zenith said. “I feel so deeply, deeply sad, fearful and angry for trans kids and the families that love them who are trapped in states where they are being targeted not only with such harmful laws, but the hateful rhetoric they enable.”His experience as a trans teenager is what made him want to not only release the song during this time of increasing anti-LGBTQ+ laws but also work with organizations that are looking to protect trans youth and their families from that same legislation.All funds raised during the video’s premiere and its download sales of the single will go to Southern Equality Campaign, Trans Youth Alabama, ACLU, and The Trevor Project.In addition to debuting the video, the premiere will also feature guest speakers including clinical instructor at the Harvard Law Cyberlaw Clinic, Alejandra Caraballo; anti-trans legislation tracker, Erin Reed; psychologist Dr.

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