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All the backstage drama that made us wonder, is ‘And Just Like That’ actually cursed?

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Oh, And Just Like That, I wish I knew how I could quit you.Each week, I can’t help but feel equal parts existential dread and childish glee as I fire up the latest episode of the Sex and the City reboot.What population of people will the show insult this week?

I wonder. Which flavor of Snapple will Carrie ruin next? How will the writers do Steve (and Miranda!) dirty this go-around? And, oh merciful God, how many minutes of absolute torture will we be subjected to in the form of one Che Diaz’s “comedy bits”?But for as much sh*t I talk about the show, I genuinely cannot.

stop. watching. Yes, it’s an absolute f*cking ridiculous mess, but it’s my ridiculous mess and I will stan it with unapologetic shame until the day I die.But you know what’s even messier than the show itself?

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