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Look out Pedro Pascal, the internet has a new favorite “cool, slutty daddy”

The Last Of Us had catapulted star Pedro Pascal to “the internet’s favorite daddy” status.But now, as the year comes to a close, it’s become clear that a hot new HBO star has emerged as the object of the internet’s obsession—and he’s threatening to take Pascal’s zaddy crown!Last night, the second season of the deliciously catty The Gilded Age came to its thrilling conclusion, which you probably knew if you still frequent Twitter X because it felt like all the gays were posting about it.Subscribe to our daily newsletter for a refreshing cocktail (or mocktail) of LGBTQ+ entertainment and pop culture, served up with a side of eye-candy.From Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes, the series—all about the shady social politics between the haves and the have-mores in New York City in the late 1800—really hit its stride in season two, focusing much of its story on what’s been dubbed the “opera wars” and delivering that messy drama we live for.But even with a cast of legendary actresses chewing the scenery week after week (Christine Baranski, Cynthia Nixon, Audra McDonald—we could go on and on), there’s one star who’s really managed to capture the attention of The Gilded Age‘s gay viewership: Morgan SpectorSpector—perhaps best known for his work in other HBO dramas like Boardwalk Empire and The Plot Against America—plays George Russell, your classic robber baron who also happens to be married to Bertha (Carrie Coon), one of the series’ main protagonists.

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