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Ukrainian activist Lenny Emson challenges people not to forget about the country’s LGBTQ community

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Go Magazine at the time, it felt like s_he was.“I feel it very much,” s_he said. Emson has kept in touch with other members of Kyiv Pride, which “aims at contributing to full respect for human rights for LGBT+ in Ukraine.”S_he has also been working tirelessly to help get them out of harm’s way.

As Emson told LGBT+ radio station GlitterBeam, “We understand that LGBT people will be the first target for Russia.”???? The director of @KyivPride Lenny Emson has urged the West to provide “international political support” for Ukraine.?? "We understand that LGBT people will be the first target for Russia," the Ukrainian activist, told #LGBTQ+ radio @GlitterBeamU.— Openly ???? (@Openly) February 25, 2022More recently, Emson, who uses s_he/him/his pronouns, has been warning the world that his country’s queer population will be “erased” if eastern Ukraine remains under Russian occupation.“We have volunteers and activists disappearing and we don’t know if they’re okay,” s_he told earlier this month. “We don’t know whether it’s just a connection issue or if something has happened to them.

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