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Amy Schneider: I'm The First Trans Jeopardy! Contestant in the Tournament of Champions

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Jeopardy! studios on the morning I taped the November 23 episode, the overwhelming feeling I had was that I didn't want it to be the last day that I was there.

It's so much fun and it's such an intense experience. The 20 or 30 minutes you're in the game is so focused and there aren't a lot of times in my life that I have needed such intense focus.The only strategy I really had was that if I came up against a category I thought I would be weak in—for example popular music—I would get it out of the way first.

That way, if there were any doubles in that category, they would come up when there wasn't as much money to be wagered.But I had done so much to prepare for not winning my fifth game, that when I did win, I didn't really have any.

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