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As a trans man, I had to flee Saudi Arabia to live as my authentic self

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I knew I couldn’t seek help or do anything about it though – either medically or legally – and this felt terrible.I had a lot of close friends but they didn’t know anything about what I felt because I had to hide it from everyone.I knew that if I came out to anyone, I could be killed, or sent to prison where I’d be raped or severely tortured just for being who I am.

So I decided to continue living as a female and hide my identity until I got the opportunity to leave.It was a heart-breaking situation but I didn’t have any other choice.Throughout it all, I had a really special friend who I met when I was eight years old via my cousin.

We’d talk all the time on the phone and I really felt close to her.When I was 16, I felt comfortable enough to tell her that I was trans and she was really supportive about it all.

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