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Amber Heard Laughs During Teen Suicide Speech in Resurfaced Viral Clip

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video, Star Trek actor Quinto was the first of the two to speak, telling the story of a teenage boy living with autism who had lived through multiple suicide attempts.As Quinto's speech came to an end, Heard was visibly moved as she joined the audience in applauding him.Driving home that she was emotionally overcome, Heard said as she stepped up to the mic: "You know, they sent me a script in the email today and they did not send his speech.

I wish they had, or else I'd have prepared. So I'm sorry if I stumble through my bit. But I wasn't prepared to hear that."She then went on to tell the story of a teenage girl from Massachusetts who had called the Trevor Lifeline, where counselors are available to speak with callers.After admitting to her "very conservative" adopted parents that she was gay, "they didn't respond that well.

And that time she called the Lifeline. They were threatening to send her at that moment to reparative therapy to fix her."#amberheard #amberturd #amberheardjohnnydepp #amberheardisanambuser #amberheardisalair #fyp #jdsummerdripAs she continued to recount how the girl was bullied at school and how calling the helpline had given her hope, a phone was heard loudly ringing in the audience.Heard then broke into laughter, as she said toward the person in the audience, who was off-camera: "Thank you, I needed that so much.

Jennifer, I see you, you planned that!"Quinto and the audience briefly laughed along with Heard, before she apologized and then proceeded to complete her speech, which she appeared to be reading.While there was no evidence of Heard's laughter being malicious, the video was shared on TikTok as an apparent example of "how horrible this woman is," wrote the uploader. "This is at a teenage.

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