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Scott Johnson: Gay, US man’s killer jailed in Sydney for 12 years

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Related: Man facing jail for historic anti-gay murder was in closet himself, says lawyerPolice eventually reopened the case, acknowledging it was likely Johnson had been attacked.In 2019, authorities offered an AUS$1million reward to anyone for information.

This was later doubled to AUS$2million when Johnson’s own brother, Steve, put forward some of his own money to help find those responsible.White was arrested after his former wife came forward and told cops he’d bragged about killing Johnson to her, telling her, “The only good poofter is a dead poofter.”White was arrested last year and initially denied responsibility.

However, at a pre-trial hearing in January, he changed his plea to guilty.White’s lawyers had been trying to get his guilty plea withdrawn, saying he had “cognitive impairment” whilst being held on remand.Yesterday, at a pre-sentence hearing, members of Johnson’s family gave witness impact statements about the loss of their beloved brother.White’s lawyer told the judge that her client now identified as gay, and at the time of Johnson’s killing, was terrified of his family finding out.

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