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BLM Cofounder Alicia Garza: You Don't Get Far Being Mealy-Mouthed

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Alicia Garza's accomplishments and wonder how they can be replicated. "How do you start a movement?" is the question most frequently asked of Garza, the co-creator of Black Lives Matter."I didn't start a movement.

Black people have been trying to get free ever since we were brought here. I cannot take any kind of credit for that," she says. "But this is our generation's stamp on a movement that is ongoing."By the time the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter was first used in 2013, Garza was already a seasoned organizer, having spent the previous 10 years knocking on doors and engaging her local community in the Bay Area. "The first time I had a sense of my own power was fighting and winning the ability to have access to contraception in school.

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