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‘Bros’ stars Ts Madison, Dot-Marie Jones and more share their personal LGBTQ heroes

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Billy Eichner‘s Bros is, first and foremost, a big, raunchy, hilarious gay rom-com. But it’s also got a lot on its mind, including—oh, you know—the entire history of queerness and the hundreds of thousands of people who paved the way so that a movie like this could exist.Some of Bros‘ funniest scenes find Eichner’s Bobby Lieber contending with this massive legacy as he and a panel of board members quibble over the exhibits for the grand opening of the (unfortunately fictional) LGBTQIA+ Museum in New York City.

Seriously, how can one building possibly honor such an expansive history?While we can’t even begin to answer that question, we can talk to Bros‘ ensemble—the incredible actors who make up the aforementioned museum board—about their own personal LGBTQ heroes that they’d like to see featured in a museum one day.

Below, Dot-Marie Jones, Eve Lindley, Jim Rash, Miss Lawrence, and Ts Madison tell Queerty about the queer and trans icons who have changed their lives, and share what makes them museum-worthy legends.

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