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Buck finally comes out on ‘9-1-1,’ but fans think he has another big gay awakening in store

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9-1-1 just keeps managing to get gayer and gayer!In the latest episode, entitled “You Don’t Know Me,” out actor John Milhiser (who you may remember from his all-too-brief stint on SNL) guest stars as a convention speaker who suddenly loses control of his right hand and begins attacking himself, and our team of heroes is asked to come to the rescue.Now, this isn’t the only reason we were tuned in to 9-1-1 this week, but, seriously, what other show is doing network procedural camp like this???Subscribe to our newsletter for your front-row seat to all things entertainment with a sprinkle of everything else queer.A post shared by John Milhiser (@johnmilhiser)In actuality, we were seated to see the aftermath from last week’s surprise gay kiss between fan favorite Buck (Oliver Stark) and firefighter Tommy (Lou Ferrigno, Jr.)—a moment the scored a major reaction from longtime viewers and even had those unfamiliar with the show taking notice.Up until that point, Buck had been characterized as something of a womanizer, never quite managing to stay in a relationship for long.

Even he was shocked by his attraction to Tommy, but the moment they touched, sparks flew.After months of teasing, ABC’s firs-responder drama finally delivered the goods.Now comes the hard part.

Aside from the case of the man who can’t quit hitting himself, a large portion of “You Don’t Know Me” was dedicated to Buck coming to terms with his sexuality, both in terms of being seen out in public with a man and in coming out to his friends and family.The first part of that equation?

Well, he was off to a bumpy start. On his first date with Tommy at a pizza shop, Buck said he was an ally—”Every Pride Month, I put a rainbow sticker on my Instagram”—and insisted he wasn’t “weirded out” to be on a date with a dude.

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