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UN Official Says Joe Biden's Transgender Plan Threatens Women

Education Department introduced proposals that would prevent schools and colleges that receive federal funding from imposing blanket bans on the participation of transgender students on teams matching their gender identity if it contradicts their biological sex at birth.It would be done by extending the protections afforded by Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, which bans sex based discrimination in education, to transgender students who identify as female.Alsalem told Newsweek that the proposed change would "likely deprive female student-athletes of equal sporting opportunities, public recognition and well-deserved scholarship opportunities."My concerns also extend off the field. Compelling women and girls to share their intimate spaces with males, including bathrooms and changing rooms, can violate their privacy and leave them open to greater risk of sexual harassment and physical attack."Keeping women's sports female is a human rights imperative of our time.

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