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Canada Lifts Blood Donation Restrictions on Gay and Bisexual Men

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imposed in 1992. In 2013, the lifetime ban was reduced to a five-year deferral period for MSM, then to a 1-year deferral period in 2016 and to a three-month deferral period in 2019, reports United Press International.Going forward, Canadian Blood Service, a nonprofit charitable organization that provides blood and blood products to Canadian health care systems, will introduce give all donors, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, a questionnaire to fill out to determine whether they have engaged in sexual behaviors that place them at higher risk of blood-borne diseases, which determine whether they should be deferred from donating for an additional amount of time.In a statement authorizing the country’s chief two blood operators — Canadian Blood Services and Héma-Québec — to change the eligibility criteria for donors, Health Canada called the development “a significant milestone toward a more inclusive blood donation system nationwide, and builds on progress in scientific evidence made in recent years.”Starting on Sept.

30, male donors will no longer be asked the gender of their previous sexual partners. Instead, potential donors will be asked if they’ve had new or multiple sexual partners in the past three months.

If they respond affirmatively, they’ll be asked if they’ve had anal sex — which has higher chance of HIV/STI transmission compared to oral or vaginal sex — with any of their partners.

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