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Cassie Nova • 04-12-24

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Oh my God y’all, I had a great week to close out March! It started with Madonna and ended with our anniversary! First off, I haven’t been to a Madonna concert since I was 18 years old and went to see the Blonde Ambition Tour.

It was everything little baby gay me needed to feel like I belonged in this world. In March, I got to see the Celebration Tour, and it was a renewal of love for my community.

If you were there — and who wasn’t? I felt like I saw just about everyone I have ever known. I even half-smiled at a few of my enemies; nothing was going to wipe the smile off of my face — you know what I mean.

We had tickets to see her back in 2012, and they were great seats — ground level, fourth row from the stage. Then she cancelled, due to “severe laryngitis.” I wouldn’t have been so upset, except she didn’t cancel her second night.

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