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Christian Walker Flees California After Run-Ins With Kehlani, Elvira

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Kehlani and Elvira for running him out.The conservative influencer, who spends his time overreacting to the most innocuous things on TikTok, announced his intention to leave the blue state for Florida with a photo of himself holding an uninspired sign and a catty tweet.“I’M ESCAPING CALIFORNIA AND MOVING TO FLORIDA!!” he wrote. “California has been ruined by the left.

They punish hard work and reward bad behavior. I’m off to somewhere that supports my values and protects [its] residents.” As a TikToker who thrives on rage-baiting, it’s unclear what “hard work” Walker may have done that’s been “punished,” and one would think rewarding bad behavior would be a positive to someone whose entire business model relies on that.Maybe it was California’s decision to “punish” hard work by raising the minimum wage to $15.50 per hour next year while Florida stays at $11.00 that sent Walker over the edge.

Or maybe it was just that he was planning on moving and decided to use it as an opportunity to curry favor with his extremist followers by lashing out and sowing more division.Or, as several have suggested, maybe it was his recent encounters with both Kehlani and Elvira that sent the TikToker packing.The run-in with Kehlani, which only saw Walker coming out looking like an absolute tool as he harassed them in their car at Starbucks, was documented (by him!) and shared online (by him!) before going massively viral.

A mere week later, a Twitter post assigning a bunch of public figures to theoretical lunch tables and asking which table folks would choose had queer horror icon Elvira, who was in the original mock-up “seated” at a table with Walker and Mariah Carey,” throwing some serious shade.

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