Courteney Cox is still haunted by her bangs in Scream 3: “That was the worst!”

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Appearing as reporter Gale Weathers in all five Scream movies, Courteney has become synonymous with the iconic franchise. Fans of the horror films will know about her character’s varying hairstyles all too well – especially the somewhat short bangs she donned in the conclusion of the original trilogy.

In an appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show on 10 January alongside Neve Campbell (Sidney Prescott) and David Arquette (Dewey Riley), Courteney told the story of how the bangs came to be. “Each Scream I would try to come up for a different look for her [Gale] that was just over the top gross, or ugly, or too much,” she explained.

Neve quickly interrupted her to remind her co-star of “the bangs.” “Oh, well that was the worst,” Courteney said. “I don’t want to, I forgot about that!

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