Neve Campbell says Billy and Stu may have had a “burgeoning love relationship” in Scream

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With 2021 marking the 25th anniversary of the first film in the franchise and the fifth instalment mere days away, scream queen Neve Campbell (Sidney Prescott) has been discussing her iconic role more than ever.

In an interview with Pride Source, she said “it’s always really lovely” to have LGBTQ+ people tell her that they admire her portrayal of such a strong character in Scream. “I mean, listen, it’s an honour to play such a strong woman and someone who’s not a victim and someone who takes over and holds her own and won’t allow life to get away with her,” Neve told the outlet about the legacy of Sidney Prescott. “But to realise the impact that has on other people’s lives and that it’s had a positive effect on people is the cherry on top.” The star, whose character is at the core of the Scream franchise, explained that she thinks anyone who has “felt shut down in some way” or had to “push a glass ceiling” can relate to the perseverance of Sidney as she faced off against a serial killer four times over.

Neve added: “So I think it makes sense certainly for the queer community and gay men. “But I think also just for anyone who has struggled with bullying or challenges, and in their youth especially.” When asked about the widely speculated theory that the first film’s killers, Billy and Stu, were secretly romantically involved, Neve appeared to instantly know what Pride Source was referring to.

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