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Ex-prisoner was 'shaking with fear' while sharing shower block with violent trans inmates at Scots prison

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A former prisoner has told how she went through hell after being forced to share a shower block with violent trans inmates.Amanda Benson, 41, revealed she was so terrified of being raped and ending up pregnant that she felt compelled to have a contraceptive coil fitted while behind bars.The mum of four, locked up with two trans prisoners, one convicted of murder, the other for domestic violence, accused Nicola Sturgeon of “serving up women to predators on a rainbow platter” in Scotland’s jails.She said: “My whole time in prison on constant high alert, my nerves were frazzled with fear.“These incredibly violent men were walking around the communal shower area naked and sometimes clearly aroused.

Myself and other women were in cubicles with only a curtain to protect us.“I was shaking with fear. In the end I went to the prison clinic and had a coil fitted because I believed I could be raped at any time.

I didn’t want one, I felt forced to do it.“There was around 40 prisoners and two of them were trans. Neither appeared to be women.

They dressed as men, they didn’t wear makeup, they were not so far as I know on any hormone drugs, they sounded like men.“One of them was a domestic abuser who was over six feet tall and extremely threatening looking, the other was serving time for murder.“All of the women who were forced to be in that prison with these people were vulnerable in different ways, many of them had been the victims of male violence, irrespective of their own offending.“It is utterly outrageous, evil even, that we were put in a position of having to live in fear of being sexually attacked every day.“I simply do not accept that these two prisoners were women, they were dangerous violent men who could at any point have

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