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Before becoming a Daddy icon, Pedro Pascal played a gay twink on MTV in the ’90s

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Pedro Pascal started out being a gay twink. Well, on TV anyway.Prior to playing bisexual royalty on Game of Thrones, tracking down drug lords on Narcos, protecting baby Yoda on The Mandalorian, and trying to save humanity on The Last of Us, Pascal earned SAG credits for his portrayal of a gay twentysomething on the MTV anthology series Undressed.Related: Pedro Pascal has our “corazón” with his love for his trans sisterFor those who may not recall, Undressed ran for six reasons during MTV’s TRL era heyday from 1999 to 2002 and featured vignettes centered on the physical relationships of teens and young adults.The low-budget scripted series did not shy away from frank and explicit topics and also highlighted queer relationships in the same manner as straight ones.

Imagine Sex and the City except not every one is white, affluent and established.Many of show’s young cast members would go on to bigger and brighter futures including Christina Hendricks, Max Greenfield, Adam Brody, Jay Hernandez , Peter Paige, Nicholas Gonzalez, Jason Ritter, and, of course, daddy icon Pascal.During the show’s inaugural season, Pascal played Greg, an out and proud man starting his adult life in Los Angeles.A 24-year-old Pascal appeared in three episodes and was credited at the time as Pedro Balmaceda.

His real name is José Pedro Balmaceda Pascal.Fans on the internet have recently unearthed Pascal’s queer TV past and created a reel of some of his “best” Undressed scenes.

Spliced together, the out of context lines don’t make much sense, but that makes it even better.Throughout the clip, Pascal emphatically blurts out zingers like, “not everyone can be Mr.

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