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Everyone has a story and this one’s fascinating

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‘Waterfalls, The Moon and Sensible Shoes’By Jill P. Strachanc.2021, $12/225 pages Everybody has a story.

The experiences might be similar, but never the same. One person can relate their experiences, someone else can share, and a third person had totally a different viewpoint, even if they were all in the same place at the same time.

In “Waterfalls, The Moon and Sensible Shoes” by Jill P. Strachan, you’ll read about “One Lesbian Life.” For most of her life, Strachan was a child of the world: her father was a diplomat, and she spent most of her childhood in Pakistan, playing with the children of other diplomats, embassy staff, and workers.

Strachan says they “amused themselves” with games they made up, and she liked to write in her diary. When she was almost 12 years old, she was sent to a boarding school in Virginia, and while it was fun at first, “the shine of being on my own wore off within one month,” she says.

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