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Dove Cameron Doesn’t Want To Make Music For Straight People

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Dove Cameron is preparing to release her debut album, hopefully at some point in 2023, and in anticipation of the drop, she’s shared a new single.That romantic ballad, “We Go Down Together,” is a duet with R&B/pop powerhouse Khalid.As she begins promoting the tune, the actor and singer wasn’t shy as she spoke to People about her successes, how her life has changed, and how her music is largely aimed at the queer community.During the recently published chat, Cameron revealed that her aspiration is to make music that everyone can enjoy — “except for straight men,” in her words.She clarified, however, that “You don’t have to be a part of the queer community to come and enjoy my music.” Clearly her aim is to create music that is accessible to everyone, regardless of their orientation — though she obviously has a sweet spot for one subset of her following.The singer also opened up about her newfound freedom to express herself at concerts, now that she is out and part of the queer community. “I’m allowing myself to be more human on stage rather than having it be the place that I feel the least safe,” she said. “Really all of that is down to the amount of support I’ve gotten from fans and other women in the queer community,” Cameron continued.As she looks ahead to her upcoming album release (which doesn’t yet have a street date), Cameron is getting ready to tour in the fall.

She recognizes that performing for large crowds has been a big adjustment, but she’s excited to continue growing as an artist. “Before this year, I had been mostly playing 250-seat venues.

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