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First victim of trans rapist Isla Bryson says it is 'impossible' her attacker is no longer a man

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The first victim of trans rapist Isla Bryson has said it is “impossible” her attacker is no longer a man. Bryson – born Adam Graham – raped two women, was arrested as a man and appeared at early court hearings under his birth name.

But the fiend went on to announce he was transgender and identified as female. The haunted victim said her first thought on hearing the prison news was: “What about all the ladies in there?”Her mum, who refuses to refer to Bryson with female pronouns, said her daughter thinks it’s “impossible” he’s transgender.She added: “She can’t believe it’s the same person.”Bryson was in a relationship with his first victim and lived with her and her mother before the romance ended after he raped her in her own bed in September 2016.The family suspect he only identified as trans in a bid to dodge tough conditions in a men’s jail.The victim’s mother stressed: “I have every support for transgender people getting what they want.“I’m totally equal opportunities and I’d back them to the hilt.

But he’s very manipulative and every-body falls for it. It’s an easy way out. I don’t believe a word he says.”The mum, who cannot be named for legal reasons, added: “When my daughter found out he’d been put in a women’s prison, she said to me, ‘Mum, what about all the ladies in there?’ Thank God he’s been moved.”The mum first met Bryson when her daughter invited him to their home in July 2016.They had met on an online dating network where Bryson wooed her with constant attention.The mum said: “I walked in the door and nearly had a heart attack when I saw him sitting on the couch with his bald head and big tattoos on his face.

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