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Gay Man Brutally Attacked Following Birthday Celebration

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A gay man in Ireland celebrating his birthday with friends was sent to the hospital following a violent homophobic attack early Sunday morning.Mark Sheehan, 26, said he and his friends were on the Number 15 Dublin Bus around 4 a.m.

on August 14 when a group of young teens and men boarded the bus. The group sat behind Sheehan and his friends and immediately subjected them to antigay slurs like “‘queer’ ‘emo freak’ ‘f*gg*t’ to name a few,” Sheehan wrote in a post on Facebook describing the incident.

Sheehan told the Irish Examiner he and his friends decided to get off the bus and take a taxi the rest of the way home. The taunts continued before the next stop, though, and Sheehan eventually turned and told the group to act their age.

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