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Grindr announces new CEO ahead of going public

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Grindr has named a new CEO ahead of its landmark public listing. Back in May, the popular LGBTQ+ dating app announced that it would become a public company after agreeing on a $2.1 billion merger deal with Tiga Acquisition Corp (TAC). “It has been the longstanding goal of Grindr’s current ownership and management that Grindr be led by members of the LGBTQ+ community,” the company said in a statement. “Working together, Grindr’s board and management have identified and been in discussions with a potential new chief executive officer candidate who would bring a depth and breadth of experience across technology, finance, and management, including time spent in an executive leadership role at a public company.” Under the landmark deal, Grindr is set to receive $384m (£475.5m), with the rollover equity being valued at $2.1bn (£1.7bn).

Alongside the landmark merger, the company also announced plans to hire an LGBTQ+ CEO. After a few months of silence, Grindr finally revealed that George Arison would be stepping into the coveted role.

According to a report from Business Wire, the openly gay business professional previously served as CEO of Shift Technologies for nine years. “Grindr is an unbelievable business, and I am beyond excited to help them navigate through this next part of their journey.

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