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Hot Chile + Romney Condemns Trump's Commutation + White Gun-Toters Lose Weapon + Stonewall Beach + Anti-Masker Dying Of COVID-19 + MORE! — 12-PACK

ABOVE: Eroticco does it again. BELOW: Keep reading for some hot Chile, a COVID-19 denialist at death's door, Mitt Romney almost alone among the GOP condemning Trump and more ...

We met at the bars ... (Image via Artsploitation) L.A. BLADE: The Chilean prison drama El Principe (The Prince) sounds up our alley: At first glance, El Principe – the new-to-America prison drama from Chilean filmmaker Sebastián Muñoz — might appear to be nothing more than just another entry in a long line of homoerotic fantasies paying homage to a certain fetishized image of hyper-sexualized, violent masculinity that originated generations ago in the underground history of queer culture.

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