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'I Took My 3-Year-Old Son to a Drag Queen Story Hour Event'

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Newsweek. "I was born in the 1980s. My entire school career was during the existence of Section 28."Established by the UK's Conservative government, Section 28 was a series of laws that prohibited the "promotion of homosexuality" via published materials or through teaching in schools.

Reading up on it, it's not entirely dissimilar to the "Don't Say Gay" bill signed into Florida law by Governor Ron DeSantis last year."There was no representation of people like me in books," Mama G said. "It was like we didn't exist.

So now there's a generation of us doing drag story hours because we know what it's like to grow up and not be represented."Representation is important for marginalized groups like the LGBTQ+ community, particularly for those living through difficult formative years.

According to a study published by the American Academy of Pediatrics, more than half of the transgender male teens polled reported attempting suicide.

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