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I've Decided These 13 Foods Are Canonically Bisexual And That’s Just Science

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Noodles pair well with pretty much any ingredient. Shiitake mushrooms? Sure! Tomato sauce? Why not! M&Ms? Buddy the Elf loves them on his spaghetti! (Does that mean Buddy the Elf is bisexual?

TBD.) To any culture that considers noodles a staple: Congrats on your new canonical bisexuality! Do you think noodles are bisexual?

yes no It's all about the vibes with bisexual foods, and veggie burgers – or any meat replacement, for that matter – positively radiate bisexual energy.One could argue I'm teetering dangerously close to Vegan Lesbian Food Canon, but this is simply the overlap in the center of a Lesbian x Bisexual WLW Venn diagram.

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