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Illusionist Derren Brown lifts lid on using magic to deflect from his homosexuality


Derren Brown has kept us guessing and our jaws on the floor – whether it’s playing Russian roulette, predicting the ­winning Lottery numbers or ­making pensioners into art thieves.But the 49-year-old’s biggest magic trick – was hiding away being gay.It wasn’t until 2007, seven years after his TV breakthough Mind Control, that he revealed his ­sexuality.And Derren admitted if he had come out sooner he ­probably wouldn’t have done magic or “wouldn’t have needed it in the same way”.Derren, dubbed Britain’s answer to David Blaine, said: “You know that horrible old 70s cliche of gay men being hairdressers and actors and interior designers and so on?“The reason why that resonates is because, if you’re uncomfortable with something deep inside, you..

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