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Internet Slams Woman Who Uninvited Transgender Sister From Her Wedding

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Reddit's Am I The A**hole forum, where she revealed both her fiancé and parents weren't supportive of her sister's new identity.Posting under Ill-Yoghurt-482, she revealed her sister came out a year ago, but had been on hormones for a lot longer, which she "hid" from her family.Explaining why, Ill-Yoghurt-482 wrote: "Probably because our parents are very conservative and known to be transphobic.

As a result, there was this huge fight and a ton of people in our family (including our parents) cut her off and don't talk to her anymore."The woman kept in contact with her sister, claiming: "I like to think I've been pretty supportive of her so far, using her pronouns and her name and all that (which has been hard, considering our fam gives me s*** for doing so)."I even make it a point to visit her every so often, while she hasn't seen most of our other family since last year.

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