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Iowa, Utah Advance Anti-Trans Sports Bills

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The Des Moines Register reports. The vote was 55-39, with all but one Republican supporting it and all Democrats opposed. It also states that any student who has suffered harm through a violation of these regulations has grounds to sue.The Senate’s vote on its version of the legislation could come this week.

Its bill does not include private colleges and universities. It has already been approved by a Senate committee.Gov. Kim Reynolds, a Republican, has urged state lawmakers to pass such legislation, but she said she would wait for a final version before she commits to signing it into law.Reynolds and other supporters of bills like this claim they will assure fairness to cisgender girls and women.

Opponents say they constitute out-and-out discrimination against trans people.“Putting this into Iowa law and using positions of power to go after the most vulnerable of us — children — would send a very chilling message that Iowa isn’t welcoming,” said Democratic Rep.

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