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Ivanka probably just got cut from her dad’s will for what she told the Jan. 6 panel

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More details have emerged about Ivanka Trump‘s testimony before the January 6 committee last month and, well, let’s just say it’s a good thing her husband, Jared Kushner, secured that $2 billion from the Saudi crown prince last month because she’s probably been cut from her dad’s will.Speaking to CNN this week, Rep.

Bennie Thompson, who chairs the committee, said the former first daughter helped “fill in a lot of the gaps” with her eight hours of testimony about the role her father played in the deadly insurrection.“There were questions asked about what was she doing at the time that the insurrection was occurring at the Capitol,” Thompson said, “and she told us.”Thompson added that both Ivanka and Jared, who spoke to the committee in March, didn’t actually testify against the ex-president or give away any “trade secrets”, but they did corroborate testimony from other witnesses who said he hesitated when told to stop his supporters from storming the Capitol.Related: It sure sounds like Ivanka has thrown her dad under the bus, just like Mary Trump predicted she would“They kinda supported the fact that the president was told he had to do something to stop the January 6 insurrection,” Thompson said. “That he had to be public with it; he had to be direct.

So in that respect … we have been able to systematically, with our depositions and interviewing of other witnesses, we’ve been able to fill in a lot of the gaps.”Here’s what Twitter’s been saying about the whole thing…So, she threw him before he threw her.

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