'Selfish' Man Slammed for Coming Out as Gay During Sister's Wedding

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posted about the incident on Reddit's popular r/AmITheA**hole where it received more than 11,500 upvotes and 980 comments, many from users calling her brother "selfish" and her parents "bigots."In the post titled "AITA for throwing a "tantrum" after my brother came out at my wedding?" the woman, 27, explained that she is engaged to a woman named Polly and that her sexuality has affected her relationship with her parents since it took them time to "accept" it."I came out at age 12 and since then my brother, Olly(23M) has become my parents' golden child.

It made my relationship with Olly a little salty," the post read.It is not uncommon for individuals with narcissistic tendencies to create one "golden child" leading to the other siblings feeling like the family scapegoat.

This serves as a way to manipulate or displace blame.She explained that this weekend was her wedding and that Olly and her parents attended.

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