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Marjorie Taylor Greene reacts to ‘The View’ slamming her sense of style

Reading now: 146 those to comment on Greene’s attire were the co-hosts of The View. One of them, Alyssa Farah Griffin, said “I was distracted by Marjorie Taylor Greene’s jacket!

It looked like she skinned my puppy!”She then produced a photo of her puppy to compare it to Greene’s dress. They did look alike.Sunny Hostin agreed, saying Greene, “looked like a little Cruella de Vil” from 101 Dalmatians.Online, some have dubbed Greene ‘Q-ella de Vil’, given her previous associations with conspiracy theorists Q-Anon.Greene went on Fox News later and gave her reaction to the “nasty women” mocking her on The View.After hosts of ‘The View’ made fun of her coat at the SOTU, Marge says they are “nasty women” who “have no right to insult anyone’s fashion.”“Occasionally I get yelled at by old white women, and I always know that they watch The View because those are some nasty women on that show.

And they have no right to insult anyone’s fashion.“I was wearing a wool coat, actually,” Greene continued. “I got it in Wyoming when I was campaigning against and raising money to beat Liz Cheney.

And I was happy to wear it to the State of the Union last night because it simply went with my dress.“I’d challenge the women on The View anytime for a debate.”Online, many said Greene should sit this one out.I can understand why she’s upset.

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