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Cassie Nova • 03-10-23

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Tennessee, Texas and the anti-drag haters Hey y’all. I woke up today feeling pissed off. Seeing all of this anti-drag/trans bullshit coming out of Tennessee and Arkansas has put me in an awful state of mind.

How are we, as a country, taking so many steps backwards? I just don’t get it. Actually, I do get it: They — and when I say they, I mean the Republicunts — are creating fake problems for the world to focus on instead of real issues that matter, like gun control.

There really is a simple solution to drag queens performing in front of kids: If you don’t want your kids to see, hear or think of a drag queen reading a story or performing for your kid, don’t take ’em to events where that is happening.

Simple as that. I have done a bunch of drag queen story times, and I can tell you that we put a lot of work into what we wear, what we say and how we act.

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