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Marlon Wayans Mocks DOJ Report Revealing Racial Discrimination by Police: Also Find Out ‘Nick Cannon Doesn’t Use Condoms?’ (Video)

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the DOJ’s findings, the Louisville police department has “for years” used “an aggressive style of policing that it deploys selectively, especially against Black people, but also against vulnerable people throughout the city.”“LMPD cites people for minor offenses, like wide turns and broken taillights, while serious crimes like sexual assault and homicide go unsolved,” the report said. “Some officers demonstrate disrespect for the people they are sworn to protect.

Some officers have videotaped themselves throwing drinks at pedestrians from their cars; insulted people with disabilities; and called Black people ‘monkeys,’ ‘animal,’ and ‘boy.’”And, like we mentioned, Wayans was not at all surprised.“That’s right, the DOJ launched a two-year investigation to find out something every Black person already knew,” he mocked. “The police discriminate against Black people.

What else do you guys find out? Nick Cannon doesn’t use condoms?”Wayans was, naturally, referring to the fact that the “Masked Singer” host has 12 kids, and has said that he’s open to having more in the future.

The “Daily Show” guest host then honed in on Associate Attorney General Kristen Clarke, who was standing behind Garland during the press conference detailing the findings of the investigation.“The Black woman behind Merrick Garland was like ‘Mm.

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