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Matt Gaetz’s biphobic soundbite completely backfires and now he just looks like an idiot

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Accused child sex trafficker Matt Gaetz made a complete fool of himself on Twitter yesterday.The anti-LGBTQ congressman got into a spat with HRC legal director Sarah Warbelow on Thursday at a House Judiciary Committee hearing about the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, which saw Roe v.

Wade overturned.Related: “Disturbed” Jim Jordan attacked a 10-year-old rape victim and now Twitter is coming for himDuring the heated back and forth, Gaetz, who seriously needs to find a better doctor to handle his Botox injections, tried to argue that LGBTQ people should oppose abortion–even in cases of rape–because it would mean more babies for them to adopt.Afterwards, he shared a short–very short–video of his exchange with Warbelow and falsely accused her of trying to redefine bisexuality. “Truly remarkable,” he tweeted.Truly remarkable— Matt Gaetz (@mattgaetz) July 14, 2022Of course, the misleading five-second clip is completely devoid of any context.Gaetz conveniently left out the first nearly minute and a half of the video, where he spins a word salad to try and confuse Warbelow, as well as the last 30 seconds, where she explains how the word “bisexual” describes attraction to more than one gender, not necessarily relationships or “being with” more than one gender.Here’s the full video:Per LGBTQ Nation:While Gaetz mentioned his pro-LGBTQ record as a member of the Florida state house, that record hasn’t carried over to Congress.

He has gotten a score of zero for the last two Congressional sessions on HRC’s Congressional Scorecard, showing his strong opposition to LGBTQ equality.Now, here’s how people responded to Gaetz’s very stupid tweet…Can you play some more of the clip?— ExcuseMyCorrectness™ (@MyCorrectness).

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