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Mexican heartthrob Polo Morín shuts down Ricky Martin’s alleged ex-boyfriend for his antigay remarks

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Netflix hits Who Killed Sara? and High Heat. The 32-year-old hottie is also set appear in Amazon’s upcoming film adaptation of best-selling romance novel Red, White & Royal Blue.On top of being adorable and a fine actor, Morín’s success is especially welcomed considering the trials and tribulations he had to navigate after being outed and blackmailed following a leak of his nude photos.A post shared by Polo Morin (@polo_morin)As a proud member of the queer community, Morín is a staunch defender of LGBTQ+ rights and not intimidated to call out disinformation and injustice when he sees it, even if it means clapping back at a fellow Mexican star.In the last few days, Morín has gotten into a war of words with former actor turned ultra-conservative nut job Eduardo Verástegui over his controversial statements linking pedophilia with homosexuality.Verástegui, who enjoyed a brief moment in the Hollywood spotlight starring in Jennifer Lopez‘s “Ain’t That Funny” video in 2001 and alongside Sofia Vergara in the 2003 rom-com Chasing Papi, has since become a right-wing troll who campaigns for MAGA loons and routinely spews anti-LGBTQ vitriol on social media.A post shared by Eduardo Verástegui (@eduardoverastegui)On Monday, the 48-year-old failed actor went on his latest homophobic rant by sharing a baseless tweet in Spanish that translated to: “Without a doubt, homosexuality is linked to pedophilia.”Morin was not having any of it and set him, er, straight, while also alluding to Verástegui’s rumored past sexual behavior.Si es que ese fue TU caso cuando “eras” homosexual, se queda sólo en eso: TU experiencia PERSONAL DELICTIVA.

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