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Marjorie Taylor Greene sneers at gay stepmom for not being a “biological mother”

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Coronavirus Crisis hearing. One of those called to answer questions was Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers.Greene grilled Weingarten, who happens to be gay, on how the AFT handled the covid pandemic and school shutdowns.Greene: People like you need to admit that you’re just a political activist..

not a mother one stage, Greene pushed Weingarten on her credentials to offer advice about classrooms or children.“Are you a medical doctor?” asked Greene.“I am not,” replied Weingarten.“Are you a mother?” asked a cold-faced Greene.“I am a mother by marriage,” replied Weingarten, who added that her wife was in the room.

Weingarten married Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum in 2018.“By marriage, I see,” says a clearly unimpressed Greene.Weingarten worked primarily as a full-time teacher in the 1990s before her union work took over.

However, she pointed out to Greene she still works as an educator on occasion and would be a guest teacher at Cornell University later this year.This cut no ice with Greene.“You need to admit you’re just a political activist,” Greene told Weingarten. “Not a teacher, not a mother, not a medical doctor.”Greene’s specific comments about Weingarten, a stepmom, as “not a mother” earned a swift rebuke from others on the committee.Democratic Rep.

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