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Montana, Idaho Consider Man Jailed for Gay Sex in '94 a 'Sex Offender'

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arguing that he should be removed from Montana’s sex offender list as Montana has no law against consensual same-sex activity.

Idaho, where Menges was convicted of “crimes against nature” in 1994, still forces people convicted of sodomy and oral sex to register as sex offenders.Menges, now 45 and living in Butte, Mont., was charged under Idaho’s Crimes Against Nature law when he was 18.

The law bans anal and oral sex between consenting adults.Menges was arrested after officers said he and two 16-year-old boys had “engaged in sexual activity with each other,” though the police agreed the conduct was consensual and the state rarely prosecutes 18-year-olds who engage in consensual sex with teenagers a year or two younger than them.

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