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Outraged Parents' Lawsuit Alleges Gender Dysphoria Lessons Given to Kids

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according to The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. A spokesperson for the Mt. Lebanon School District told Newsweek that the lawsuit was unfounded and said that the parents were mischaracterizing events "for sensational effect."Williams, who has a transgender child, allegedly instructed students on issues of gender identity on March 31, which is International Transgender Day of Visibility.

The lawsuit reportedly argued that Williams' "unique perspectives and views" on transgender issues did "not give her the right to impose those views on a captive audience of six- and seven-year-old children."The lawsuit alleges that Williams used materials including a video called "Jacob's New Dress" and transgender-themed books titled When Aiden Became a Brother and Introducing Teddy, according to The National Desk.

The suit also accuses the teacher of informing students that her child wore an "Elsa dress" on Halloween and telling them that sometimes "parents are wrong" about gender.Williams, the school district and school officials are accused of violating the parents' constitutional 14th Amendment due process rights and First Amendment religious rights, with the suit arguing the parents "have sincerely held religious and moral beliefs including that human beings are created male or female and that the natural created order regarding human sexuality cannot be changed."Last year, multiple experts told Newsweek that the scientific evidence on sex and gender did not support a strictly binary view, with University of Manchester bioethics professor Simona Giordano saying that "we do not fully understand how sex develops, but it is clear that the Y and X do not mark the development of a person's sex, at least not on their own."Mt.

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