Tom Hardy Charles Bronson bisexual boy Tom Hardy Charles Bronson

Past crack habit, arrests, bisexuality and fame - Tom Hardy's life explored

Tom Hardy is arguably the best man for the job when it comes to acting as dark and twisted characters in films and TV series.The 43-year-old Hollywood actor has starred as Batman but also as the gangsta Kray twins and murderer Charles Bronson.But in his own personal life he has also battled adversity, hardship and had a dark and twisted past himself.He's been sober now since 2003 but once admitted he would have "sold his mum for crack" as he battled a gruelling drug and alcohol addiction before he booked himself in for rehab.Hardy was also arrested as a teen and went through some heartbreaking break-ups.However, the actor has enjoyed huge success in a number of blockbuster films, including Inception, Legend, The Dark Knight Rises and..

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